Archives for January 2007

National Integeration Award

You will be happy to read that I was given the National Integration Award on 26th Jan-2007 at Ahmednagar (Maharastra). This award was for promoting communal harmony among youths of all religions. I try to teach them to dedicate their time and work to the progress of India by building a bridge of universal brotherhood and tolerance, and by working for the most neglected people in society on the basis of HELP PEOPLE ON NEED NOT ON CREED. At the awards ceremony I delivered a speech to an … [Read more...]

Welcome to My World: Our Story

My name is Mamoon Akhtar. I grew up, and still reside, in a slum in India called Tikiapara. It's in Howrah, across the river Hooghly from Kolkata. I love this place, and the people in it, and I'm trying to do what I can to help the people here, especially the children. My real involvement began in 1999, when I was 29 years old. A little boy came to my house asking for help. A druglord was beating his mother because she refused to sell drugs for him. My friends and I were able to get him to … [Read more...]