National Integeration Award

National Integeration Award

Mamoon Akhtar receiving the National Integeration Award in 2007

You will be happy to read that I was given the National Integration Award on 26th Jan-2007 at Ahmednagar (Maharastra). This award was for promoting communal harmony among youths of all religions. I try to teach them to dedicate their time and work to the progress of India by building a bridge of universal brotherhood and tolerance, and by working for the most neglected people in society on the basis of HELP PEOPLE ON NEED NOT ON CREED.

At the awards ceremony I delivered a speech to an audience of youth about the importance of caring for their own parents, because I believe that unless we love our own mother, we cannot love our motherland. I believe that the trophies gather dust and the sound of the clap fades away, but the real award is the feeling that comes from serving humanity from the lap of the mother till the death bed.

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