Emerging Heroes defeating Poverty, Reyazuddin



Reyazuddin is 15 year boy, who is the adopted child in the sponsorship project of Samaritan Help Mission

This is not the story but the real fact of life. Emerging heroes defeating poverty
Reyazuddin is the real hero of the poverty ridden society who is defeating poverty by his determination and zeal for education, Those who say poverty is the obstacles in the path of education must be 100% Correct, But the hard work sincerity and courage to overcome the situation what ever may be can change the against situation in your favour by the hard work and not to give himself to the mercy of the Circumstances.    Reyazuddin is 15 year boy, who is the adopted child in the sponsorship project of Samaritan Help Mission, Reayzuddin father was Rickshaw puller another two younger brother who does not attend school, only earning member of the family is suffering with T.B and cannot bring bread for his family

Reazudin was admitted in a government school in class III after we find him reading a book on the side of a lane in the tikipara bustee. He comes for tuition in the after school evening project of SHM.

From that time Reayuddin show a very nice progress and always have a dream to complete class Xth, like other Children, He had a big dream too to get a govt Job, but the situation changes all of a sudden. His father was declared a T.B patient. And he stops playing Rickshaw. The family started to starve sometime they get breakfast in the morning and then no food in after noon. Mother started asking as small loan of Rs.100/- or more to provide for her children and husband, she has hope that her husband will be alright and she will repay the loan. But as the day passed, her husband condition deteriorated, and in the end no one helped with her loan. And started asking to get back the loan. Humiliation started and the family was in a very bad condition.

Reyazuddin, 15

Reyazuddin, 15

Reayzuddin at last decided that He has to work and will work so that his small brothers, mother and father could survive. He took hold the handle of his father Rickshaw lying without repair, and one morning he was on the street of tikiapara, it seems his dream of getting a govt job was shattered, But Reayzuddin did not gave, He continued his school. and never missed his evening class at SHM. I was unaware of the fact and one day I was standing near the Rickshaw stand to catch a Rickshaw and just one Rickshaw passing by, the Rickshaw did not stop and it passed by , For a moment I was shocked to see the Rickshaw puller it was non-other than Reayzuddin,. I called him from behind and he did not stopped, I ran behind him and at last when I came in front of the Rickshaw, I was shocked to see the boy plying Rickshaw and he was Reyazuddin. I told him to get down from the Rickshaw and told him to come to the office, there he narrated the whole fact, but his eyes was not full tears but he was happy that he was serving his poor father and mother and now her mother is not asking any body for loan to get food,

I told him that I am proud of you, but do not comprise with the circumstance defeat the situation. As SHM was partly supporting his education decided to support him full for his education and also started giving his family Rs.500/- pm. So that the burden could be lessen, and they can survive and he can freely continue his education.

Reayzuddin will surely complete his education because the blessings of his poor parents his with him, and we all are proud of him, Just liked to share this with all of you.



  1. Please illustrate your main concentration on humanitarian project and what do you expect fom others.

    Please also advise how are you raising funds now.



  2. Respected Govindji
    I went to your website and Comments, we are a small Charity focussing on the same issue as you are working, can you help us to build our school we have the land and seek support

    Mamoon Akhtar
    samaritan Hep Mission
    Howrah Bengal

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