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fact finding not fault finding in teachingCounselling & Workshop On Fact Finding, Not Fault Finding In Teaching

(Self Grooming Personality Development And Self Evaluation)

A group of students from Dinobandhu College in Howrah visited SHM and offered to organized One day Counselling workshop on Fact finding not Fault Finding among children in Education. Five students and a Professor from the College organized the session on 2nd May-2011 followed by lunch and tea. No fees was charged by the Counsellors and it was free of cost.




The Session started with Meditation and and group of 60 Volunteers from the educational Program attended the session, started from 10am to 4 pm, It was good learning session for the teachers and volunteers.




Raising Questions

The Teachers of Samaritan Mission school, after school Teaching Volunteers, asked question on various issues relating to classrooms teaching was raised to the Counsellors and the attendees learnt a great deal from this workshop.

Proff.Shreya Banerjee


Proff.Shreya Banerjee (Counsellor)

Professor of Social Science, Mrs. Shreya Banerjee took a very nice session and taught the teachers various methods to be adopted in the classroom to make the children take more interest in coming to school and in their respective interests.





Nilofer teacher of Pre-Nursery asked many question about How to handle the smaller Kids in her classroom for efficiently.




Q&A Session

The session was followed by one to one question and answers session. shaheen raised almost 20 question on the various method of motivation of her students in the after school teaching Program.


Teacher of Class-I


ARCHANA SINGHA Teacher of Class-I

Archana asked about How to Motivate the Back benchers in her classroom for their active participation in classroom activities.


ISHRAT BANO ( Volunteer)


ISHRAT BANO ( Volunteer)

Ishart Bano is a Volunteer in after school teaching Program, asked How make detail enquires when she visit any house in Tikiapara slum and motivate the family to send the child to school and also to adopt a Family Planning method for the sake of his Family, Her question was related to motivate the male member as they create many problems.

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