Lets Salute our Hero, Br.Vinayak Lohani, we are proud of You,

Brother Vinayak

Salute to our Hero
We are Proud of You

Br.Vinyak is a hero for all of us, He inspire and Guide us. Our Govt is recognizing his efforts and selfless service, Recently Br Vinyak has been taken as member in the Task Force of Ministry of Child Development in the Central Government, He will be a part of Formulating the policy and schemes and implementation. Now he represent all of us and will be a guide for all. Nimesh Bhai called all our associates Sharing Friends among the Caring Friends, Br Vinyak is in the first row of sharing. May God bless him with Good health, so his effiorts could bring change in the field of child development in our country.


  1. sandeep kumar says

    i have had the fortune of knowing Vinayak closely and i am imensely proud of what he is doing for the society. May God bless with him with good health and long life!!

  2. Dr Pamela Kaushal says

    Vinayak is a true source of inspiration to people all over the world. His spirit of Sacrifice and selfless love for his fellow beings is the hallmark of his spirituality. I have had the good fortune of meeting Vinayak during a recent visit to India. I live in England and I am proud to be associated with such a great soul.

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