The Samaritan Help Mission were featured on The Times of India – Amazing Indians

Not a stranger to the pain of being forced to quit school.Mamoon Akhtar’s Samaritan Mission School in the slums of Tikiapara, plants the joy of education in the hearts of nearly 3000 children. His other initiatives include the upliftment of widows and poor girls.

But beyond education, the school’s most outstanding achievement remains in developing compassions in the school children for fellow human beings and love for their Motherland.


  1. alhamdulilah u r doing a fabulous job it was dream for every poor people of tikiapara to educate their children in english medium school but you made this dream came true. u r doing everything for the benefit of the poor people we r lucky enough that a person like u amongst us i am praying to almighty god that u grow by leaps n bound keep up the good work. god bless u

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