Chrismas Celebration with Edelgive Volunteers

Christmas celebration at the eve of X-mas Day was a fabulousactivity for the children of Rebecca Belilious English Institution andSamaritan Mission School on 15th December, 2018. Total 62 childrenfrom both the schools were gathered in newly built stadium within the campus ofRebecca School. Programme place was decorated with poster and Christmascelebration banner. All children assembled in organized manner almost insemi-circle shape on the benches in front of the stage. To make the celebrationmore significant and joyful, 12 Edelgive volunteers joined the children andcircle was completed with their presence excellently. In the beginningvolunteers were welcomed by the founder of the organization Mr. Mamoon Akhterand thereafter they took part in the activity. Volunteers interacted with thechildren spontaneously. They encouraged children for giving their best towardseducation. One of the volunteers presented story of Santa before the children. Santais always with the good students. He addressed children to respect teachers andsuperiors. For good deeds almighty is there to save all.   All the children were provided school bag, note book, pencil,sharpener and eraser by the Edelgive volunteers as gift on the occasion.Children enjoyed a lot after having variety of schoolbags with the painting ofMickey Mouse, cartoon etc. They also enjoyed with delicious cake at the end. Edelgive volunteers visited all the ongoing activities ofSamaritan Help Mission like Skill Development Training unit & WomenEmpowerment initiative, women income generating cell, health center, includingnewly constructed school building and sports academy before saying good bye tothe children.

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