Access Students Visit to Science city

For the enhancement session, All the access students of Samaritan Help Mission were taken to Science City, Kolkata on 20th July 2019. The purpose primarily focused on the students’ ability to analyze and review information related to science and technology. In the 1st half of the session, the students explored the Dynamotion hall. Here a series of interactive exhibits on physical science intrigued the students to a great extent. Eventually, a 3D show on Asteroids was shown to the students where they could concretely focus on vocabularies related to space, enhance their imbibing skills and they learned the usage of a digital platform to tell a story. Later the students actively participated in an interactive 2D  show “Science on a sphere” where accompanied by the facts on the solar system they also learned spontaneity and collaboration. In the 2nd half, the students surveyed the Science Exploration Hall that gave them an overview of the formation of the solar system to the latest in science and technology through “human panorama”.The students concluded the day with ” dark ride” where they could supposedly travel time and see the evolution themselves.

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