Celebration of world senior citizen day

World senior citizen day was celebrated on 21st August in Samaritan Mission School (High) campus. 5 boys and 6 girls of class VIII-A went to the nearby market, Gorabazaar and presented 5 old and poor persons with one umbrella each. They experienced the happiness that is felt by giving. A short program was held in the multipurpose hall by the teachers.  A short film “Grandpa’s Wish” and a music video “Briddhashrom” were shown in the classrooms of VI, VII and VIII. The students also enacted a few stories and spoke about their personal experiences with senior citizens. The students and the teachers presented gifts to the senior teacher Rajkumar Dubey sir and the senior most working staff Fatema khala. Everyone came together in appreciation of the elderly and celebrated the knowledge. Six boys of class VI-A presented a short play on the topic of caring and respecting the elders. A poem was recited by Prayasi Bhattacharyay ma’am. The song “Briddhashrom” was played in the hall as well as in the classrooms. The program was ended with the speeches of Principal Sir, Vice Principal Sir, Education Program Manager and one teacher, Asif Sir.

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