Cleanliness drive and oath taking ceremony

On 15.07.2019, a new chapter of educational transformation is going to start in Tikiapara, a very courageous step taken by the commissioner of Howrah municipal corporation Mr. Bijin Krishna(IAS), and education officer Mrs. Supriya hatua to revive the HMC school as a pilot project HMC and Samaritan Help Mission, jointly started the initiative, the school will be managed by SHM and will work with government teachers, and to monitor the quality of education and will support also bring the quality in school, to create a better environment, our focus is to bring each child of Tikiapara to school, no matter in which medium, the children of Tikiapara bustee should be in school. The outer environment is not good for the kids the children learning abusive language , the youths are awaked till late night, but in this environment, the changes is visible, a large numbers of parents are sending the children to school and the sense of importance of education has been understood. To carry this movement forward HMC and SHM had taken this pilot project to revive the school. Already more than 450 children has been enrolled and we hope to reach 1000 enrollment by December 2019 and from Jan 2019 the school will start , we are planning to change the school inner environment so that the children feel loves towards the school. Work is in full fledge going on. Today was the world environment Day and the students along with the other social workers, political activist. And teachers participated in the campaign, the students took pledge, clean the surrounding of Tikiapara school. More such campaign will start soon in different part of Tikiapara.

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