Inter house debate competition

The Inter house Debate Competition was held on 31st August 2019 in the Samaritan Mission School (High) multipurpose hall. The programme was started by Manosij Banerjee sir, at 10:30 am, who invited honorable Bhaskar sir and few other teachers to moderate the first semifinal. The Higher Secondary students and the secondary students put forward their arguments for and against the motion of the topics given to them. The topics for the secondary section boys and girls for the semifinal round were (1) Online education is better than traditional method of learning. (2) Proper education makes nation great; and the topic for the final round was: Social media does more harm than good. The topic for the HS department was “Give respect to get respect.”. The winners are as follows: Secondary section (girls) – Green house, Secondary section (boys) – Yellow house, Higher secondary section – Yellow house

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