Story Telling Competition

The Story Telling competition is done to encourage the pupils to develop their speaking skills and build their confidence in using the English language. Every year Rebecca Belilious English Institution helds such competitions, this year it was conducted on 31st August 2019 in K.C Auditorium where all teachers, participants and their parents, Education Improvement Committee (EIC) members were invited. This competition took place on 22nd August in 3 stages where all the school students from class I to V got equal opportunity to participate. Welcome song was sung by the school chorus group assisted by Chandrima Mukherjee & Nigel James. Round 1: The preliminary rounds was conducted in the classrooms. Students narrated their stories in front of the entire class after which 1 student was selected from each class and section. Round 2: was conducted where the school principals selected 1 student from each class and teachers were given the responsibility to train them. Round 3: was conducted on 31st August in K.C Auditorium. All school teachers were a part of this programme. The selected students took turns in narrating their story to the audience. Children have the ability to develop their creativity, and by letting them the freedom to choose, the story that they like, and by doing this it brought out their own style of telling the story. Winners of the Drawing competition held earlier this month were awarded with prizes. The winners of the story telling competition were judged by our pristine judges Mrs Elizabeth Daniel, Mr, Tapan Mandal,Mr. Azad Ahmed. All guests and judges appreciated and encouraged the wonderful performances & showered their blessings to all the students.

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