Visit of IPS Mr. Gaurav Sharma

Mr. Gaurav sharma IPS, commissioner of howrah city Police visited the community development project of howrah city Police,at Rebecca belilious English institution to overview the latest developments. The program was attended by the senior IPS officers of howrah city Police. Mr. Ashok nath chattopaadhya senior officer of howrah traffic and Mr. Arjun some I/C howrah Ps, who organized the program of blood donation at tikipara town out post followed by a rally of safe drive safe life in which school children and people of tikipara participated with full enthusiasm. Mr. Sandip Dutta trustee of Beliliius trust estate was present to blessed the occasion. Plz note that the project was initiated by Mr. Ajey ranade IPS, the first commissioner of howrah city Police, Mr. Arup Roy minister government of West Bengal. And Mr. D. P singh IPS the 2nd commissioner of howrah city Police , took the legacy forward and strengthen the project. After that the 3rd commissioner of Howrah City police Dr. Tanmoy Roy Chowdhury IPS, supported us.Now Shri. Gaurav Sharma IPS 4th commissioner of howrah city Police taking the legacy forward of his predecessor of making project more strengthen. He also inaugurated the livelihood project of empowering the women. A sincere thanks to Shri. Sumit kumar IPS, Shri Nishat parwez IPS, shri. Zafar ajmal kidwai IPS. Ms. Bhavna Gupta IPS, Mr. gulam Sarwar Former ACP South. Shri. Tathagata pandey former I/C howrah PS. Shri. Mani shankar sengupta former I/C howrah PS. Mr. Shantan kor former officer howrah traffic. And any more officer of howrah PS are behind the project and working to impact lives.

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