Visit of Ms. Patti Hoffman, US Consul General in Kolkata

Ms. Patti Hoffman, US Consul General in Kolkata was kind enough to visit the activities of Samaritan Help Mission along with Mr. Bruno Bui from the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Agency who oversees the Colombo Plan implemented Child Intervention for Living Drug Free project and took interest in demand reduction activities directed towards children in Kolkata on 6th August, 2019. It was to interact with the children of Rebecca Belilious English Institution run by SHM to understand the problem and its magnitude besides getting a sense of the challenges and the context as well. Children, employees and SHM Founder Mr. Mamoon Akhtar were proud to welcome entire team of Ms. Hoffman to campus with roses and bouquets. Consul General cherished heartfelt gesture of the children and others. Mr. Mamoon briefed the team over evolution of the organization, its mission & vision since inception. He presented the multifaceted scenario of the underprivileged children in the community and different alarming issues. SHM has considered education, livelihood and heath as means to combat over all these-he stated. In this connection he also expressed his sincere thanks to Ms. Hoffman for extending valuable support of American Centre in enriching English language proficiency of the children through Access Program. The program not only develops the skill in English but provided scope to familiar with America, its culture, steady developments in different fields & heritage. Mr. Mamoon took the name of our student, Hari Priya and introduced her who got opportunity to visit Colorado under STEM camp recently. Three candidates have been selected from India for the camp and Hari Priya is one of them. However, after a small sharing session, the visitors were taken to different establishments & departments by Founder like Samaritan Vocational Skill Development Training Center for Women Empowerment, RBCD, Apparel Unit, Water Purifying initiative, Football Academy, Rebecca Sports complex, Preprimary & primary sections of Rebecca Belilious English Institution etc. Ms. Hoffman & Mr. Bruno interacted with children in groups very affectionately. Ms. Hoffman appreciated the organization’s effort to address the challenges and especially the lively children who dreams for their splendid future. Children were delighted to experience with the cordial dealings of visitors which was full of love & compassion. As a result, all children, employees and core staff were gathered in the main gate to see off the guests passionately.

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