Community Kitchen: Samaritan Support for Stuck Migrants During COVID-19

Availability of food was a major issue for the casual, stranded and migrant laborers of the community. People started to pass the days on starving as they were not allowed to go outside home for work. Immediately after the declaration of lockdown, people were compelled to stay at home. Neither, they had savings nor any option to get food. In order to save lives of the poor, Samaritan Help Mission arranged community kitchen to serve cooked food for these types of people living in slums of Howrah city. Community kitchen has been started by the volunteers of SHM since lockdown and distributing the meals on daily basis to all the people who stand on the queue to collect it. The kitchen has been started in the main campus of the organization. Announcement has been made in the community since very first day of launching. 10230 meals have already been distributed to the people till date. It is with the plan to continue the activity till the end of lockdown period. The activity has outcome some positive impacts. People are coming and standing on the road maintaining prescribed physical distance. After receiving the meals they are keeping themselves inside room and also not allowing their children to go outside. We are thankful to Jalan Charitable Trust, Kolkta and Mr. Dinesh Jalan for supporting the cause.

We believe that this is the time when we should stand by each other and help to mitigate the consequences of these unprecedented times. Help us by supporting at the following link:

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