10 days NCC – 39 Bengal Battalion Camp

A ten days NCC camp from 14th Sept to 24th Sept was held at Rebecca school campus under the guidance of 39 Bengal Battalion led by Col. Sanjeev Kumar and Lt. Col. S.K. Bajwa. More than four hundred students boys and girls participated in the camp. Separate residentials alignment was made for boys and girls in the school campus. Student from Tikiapara as well as from other districts participated in the camp. It was heartening to see the students waking up early cleaning their room, cleaning the field, doing drill, March past. Boys and girls working together wearing the NCC uniform made us happy. NCC is changing the mindset of the youth and making them responsible citizen of our country. We are made compulsory for each Samaritan students have to join the NCC. The whole camp management was monitored and arranged by Mr. Lahiri, The NCC incharge of our school, Mr. Micky Singh, Mr. Azad Ahmed, Mr. Khalid sir, Mr. Sajid Sir and our principal Mr. Khurshid Anawar. We are proud of our team when Col. Sanjeev Kumar, Lt. Col. K.S. Bajwa presnted momento to the school authority in the hand Mr. Mamoon Akhtar. They told that your team has helped us beyond thier capacity. More camps will be organised in coming days and more children of Tikiapra will motivated join the NCC.

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