The Beginning

samaritan mission school

School children attending a class at the Samaritan Help Mission school

The story of how Samaritan Help Mission became

It was the passionate appeal of a child in the year 1991, wanting to go to school that prompted the founder of this project Mamoon Akhtar to start teaching 5-6 children in his own house in the Tikiapara slum.

As the residents of the area became aware of this “school”, more and more children started coming and there was no place to seat them.

Mamoon constructed a room on his own small plot of land (600 sq.ft.) and the one room Samaritan Help Mission School was born with 25 young eager children flocking to it.

Mamoon rose to the occasion and went from door to door to raise Rs.28, 000 p.a. (in addition to their own contribution of Rs.10, 000).

samaritan mission girl school

Girls attending a class at the Samaritan Help Mission girl school

From that it has grown.