Spell Bee Competition at American Center

The US Embassy Sponsored English Access Program is a Boon for the children of our school, since the commencement of the English access Program at Samaritan Mission school and Rebecca school, the children are getting very very fluent in english speaking. The children of Samaritan Mission school participated in Spelling Bee Competition organized by American Center and bag prizes for thier skill and knowledge in english Spelling. The Prize was given by Mr Greg Pardo Head of English Access Program … [Read more...]

Community Policing at Rebecca Belilious school

Howrah City Police has played an instrumental role in transformation of Rebecca school, the transformation movement was started in 2014 on 14th November to create an opportunity for education, health care and women empowerment in Tikipara, this initiative was started jointly by Howrah City Police, Samaritan Help Mission and Belilious trust to create an atmosphere of education, and involved the youths and children in developing sports. Howrah City Police under the leadership of the Commissioner … [Read more...]

The Story of an Honest Girl

Who says that Honesty is irrelevant today? … [Read more...]

The Digitalized Classroom

Samaritan Mission school has made a Giant Leap in using technology to make students updated. … [Read more...]

Inauguration of School Library

Shree Ajey Mukund Ranadey (I.P.S.) Commissioner Howrah Citiy Police Initiated Support to Start a Library for the Children of Samaritan Mission School. Mr. Rai Chowdhury Supported the cause through Leadership Training Service Kolkata, that Provides Leadership Training to the Students, and LTS Supported Books & Almira  and Thus The School Library Started from 3rd September 2014. We are very Happy, as the Children will Have the access to library containing books of various Subjects and Authors … [Read more...]

Blindness Control Initiative

An initiative to control blindness among poor and underprivileged people of slums and rural areas. … [Read more...]

Mobile Health Service for the Rural and Urban poor

Cognizant Foundation partnered with SHM to provide health care services to the rural and urban poor and other disadvantaged groups with special focus on eye screening, child health care, women health care and generating awareness about health care and also to reach out to people to make them aware of the wonderful governmental schemes. every week through our mobile health care and health units located at Tikipara, Bankra and Park circus 500 patients are treated daily   Mobile Van … [Read more...]


The Samaritan Help Mission were featured on The Times of India - Amazing Indians Not a stranger to the pain of being forced to quit school.Mamoon Akhtar's Samaritan Mission School in the slums of Tikiapara, plants the joy of education in the hearts of nearly 3000 children. His other initiatives include the upliftment of widows and poor girls. But beyond education, the school's most outstanding achievement remains in developing compassions in the school children for fellow human beings and … [Read more...]

Kids log in for lessons at online hangout – The Telegraph

MADHURIMA CHATTERJEE The Telegraph, Calcutta India If social networks mean unfunny jokes, trying-too-hard status updates and boring vacation snaps to you, it’s time for a reality check. One of them is transforming lives in a corner of Howrah. Tikiapara NGO Samaritan Help Mission has been using Hangout, the group video chat feature in social network Google Plus, to teach English to about 80 underprivileged students. The video of the teacher, based abroad, is fed from a laptop into a … [Read more...]

Google+ Hangout helps in remote education of children in the slums of Tikiapara Howrah in West Bengal

"What is the meaning of education, Sir ? asked an 8 year old girl of the Samaritan Help Mission, in the slums of Calcutta to her teacher. The teacher was teaching them spelling, and had asked them to spell e-d-u-c-a-t-i-o-n. Unlike most schools, this teacher was not in the classroom but was at his home in Glasgow UK and the students were watching him projected on a wall in their small classroom. This class was being conducted using Google + hangout. The recent initiative of remote … [Read more...]