10 days NCC – 39 Bengal Battalion Camp

A ten days NCC camp from 14th Sept to 24th Sept was held at Rebecca school campus under the guidance of 39 Bengal Battalion led by Col. Sanjeev Kumar and Lt. Col. S.K. Bajwa. More than four hundred students boys and girls participated in the camp. Separate residentials alignment was made for boys and girls in the school campus. Student from Tikiapara as well as from other districts participated in the camp. It was heartening to see the students waking up early cleaning their room, cleaning the … [Read more...]

Join hands to save our nation from pandemic

This is an earnest appeal from Samaritan Help Mission, a non-profit NGO working in the field of health & education since 2001 in the slums of Howrah City, West Bengal, India. West Bengal is witnessing a daily surge in coronavirus cases and it is recorded 20136 number of patients as on date. The situation is now almost beyond control. Unfortunately this number of beds are not available in Govt. and private hospitals. A large number of patients are dying due to non-accessibility of … [Read more...]

Samaritan Mission School(High) participating in T4 World Education Week, a Global Platform to attain SDG-4 in terms of quality education

Friends Samaritan Mission School (High) has been selected among the 100 schools to be showcased in T4 Global Education Week. Our application for showcasing our expertise in building soft skills in children from underserved communities has been selected from a volume of applications from over 6 continents including countries like South Africa, Sweden, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Japan, Ghana, Serbia, USA, Mexico, Bhutan, UAE, Nigeria, Turkey etc. On 5th October, 13:00pm to 14:00pm GMT, we … [Read more...]

100% Success in Class XII Board Examination

The first HS batch of Samaritan Mission School (High) has passed this year in 2020. This is very much incredible to note that the school has achieved 100% success i.e. 61 students out of 61 have successfully passed the examination securing good marks. There were 41 students got 1st division out of which 12 students obtained star marks i.e. 75% and above. However, highest percentage of marks was 88.2. Thus it was a proud moment for all the students, teachers and well-wishers. All the … [Read more...]

Consecutive Three Year Cent Percent Success in Madhyamik Examination

There was 100% success result of 10th Board examination achieved in 2020. It was the third consecutive term in a row where all students of Samaritan Mission School (High) have successfully passed the examination. There was 64 students in the batch. Out of which 28 were boys and 36 girls. Seven students obtained 1st division marks while one student secured star marks i.e. more than 75% marks. It was a proud moment for the students, parents, teachers and well-wishers for the landmark achievement … [Read more...]

Join hands to support the COVID-19 and Amphan affected helpless people

COVID-19 pandemic & Amphan cyclone, two consecutive debacles put people of Tikiapara & Bankra slums of Howrah, West Bengal  at extreme level of vulnerability. Migrant workers, rickshaw pullers, hawkers are passing the days without food, drinking water, shelter and electricity besides poor sanitation. Samaritan Help Mission has initiated a number of crisis intervention activities like distribution of ration commodities, cooked food besides restoration. To attain more people of its kind in … [Read more...]

Mobile Medical: Providing Health Care During Pandemic

Information through different   mass media in different ways, local announcement by the administration, some unwanted activity and hike of corona infection have created a huge panic amongst common people. The fact led to certain phobia where all private health practitioners closed their chambers or not willing to provide treatment or medical support. Private and Government hospitals both turned their attention to COVID patients only. Some departments of few hospitals closed while health workers … [Read more...]

Food Support: Distributing Ration to the Migrants and Poor Man-kinds

It was observed that household having more than four or five members specially having children and aged was facing great difficulty to collect food from SHM community kitchen. Secondly, people living little far from the kitchen place was not in position to avail the facility as movement in group has not been allowed by the local administration at all. Samaritan Help Mission is a school that provides quality education to the economically disadvantaged students in an economically disadvantaged … [Read more...]

Community Kitchen: Samaritan Support for Stuck Migrants During COVID-19

Availability of food was a major issue for the casual, stranded and migrant laborers of the community. People started to pass the days on starving as they were not allowed to go outside home for work. Immediately after the declaration of lockdown, people were compelled to stay at home. Neither, they had savings nor any option to get food. In order to save lives of the poor, Samaritan Help Mission arranged community kitchen to serve cooked food for these types of people living in slums of Howrah … [Read more...]

Neelkhanth Award at Constitution Club of India

Founder secretary of Samaritan Help Mission, Mr. Mamoon Akhtar received Neelkhanth Award at Constitution Club of India at New Delhi on the eve of Sambidhan Diwas Celebration. … [Read more...]