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The Sunday Express April 11, 2010 MAMOON AKHTAR, was a student of a reputed English-medium school in Howrah. When he was in Class IX his parents could no longer pay his school fees and as a result he had to drop out of school. Now, decades after the incident, Mammon has not forgotten the pains of being forced to quit school. At present he runs a school in Tikiapara in Howrah with about 2,000 students who just pay Rs 5 per month. Mamoon, who used to work as a librarian and give private … [Read more...]

Karmaveer Purashkaar 2009

Dear Friends, Indian Confederation of NGO's (ICONGO) New Delhi, annually gives award to honour the people in various fields working selflessly for the upliftment of the poorest of the poor. In 2009, Br. Jerry Almeida founder of ICONGO visited Kolkata. He is a very close friend of Br. Vinyak and Br. Vinyak and Uncle proposed the name of Mamoon for the award in the field of education, health and women empowerment. ICONGO selected Mamoon’s nomination and conferred the award of KARMAVEER - … [Read more...]

The Uncommon Heroes “Legends in the Midst”

This article was published in The Times of India Special Report, 25th December 2005. KING UNCLE Drug peddling is a way of life at Tikiapara, a dirty slum in Howrah. Even the children here were not spared - their parents used them to hand out packets of brown sugar to customers. But not any more. For the first time in their lives, these children are learning to smile, thanks to Mamoon uncle, a librarian in a local school till recently. The 32-year-old good Samaritan grew up in the same slum … [Read more...]

Emerging Heroes defeating Poverty, Reyazuddin

THE REAL HERO This is not the story but the real fact of life. Emerging heroes defeating poverty Reyazuddin is the real hero of the poverty ridden society who is defeating poverty by his determination and zeal for education, Those who say poverty is the obstacles in the path of education must be 100% Correct, But the hard work sincerity and courage to overcome the situation what ever may be can change the against situation in your favour by the hard work and not to give himself to … [Read more...]

Samaritan girl school

An English Medium School for the poor girls of all Communities A dream comes true The 26th May-2008 is one of the remarkable days for Samaritan Help Mission. By the help and support from the well-wishers and friends, Samaritan Help Mission succeeded in establishing an English medium school for the poor girls of all communities. Those poor parents who never dreamt of sending their child to an English Medium School are proud and they are happy to find wonderful progress among the … [Read more...]

National Integeration Award

You will be happy to read that I was given the National Integration Award on 26th Jan-2007 at Ahmednagar (Maharastra). This award was for promoting communal harmony among youths of all religions. I try to teach them to dedicate their time and work to the progress of India by building a bridge of universal brotherhood and tolerance, and by working for the most neglected people in society on the basis of HELP PEOPLE ON NEED NOT ON CREED. At the awards ceremony I delivered a speech to an … [Read more...]

Welcome to My World: Our Story

My name is Mamoon Akhtar. I grew up, and still reside, in a slum in India called Tikiapara. It's in Howrah, across the river Hooghly from Kolkata. I love this place, and the people in it, and I'm trying to do what I can to help the people here, especially the children. My real involvement began in 1999, when I was 29 years old. A little boy came to my house asking for help. A druglord was beating his mother because she refused to sell drugs for him. My friends and I were able to get him to … [Read more...]