SHM Day Care Special School

SHM Day Care Special School has been started from August 2017 in the slum of Howrah District. The SHM DAY CARE SPECIAL SCHOOL project believes in an inclusive society, where children with disabilities have equal rights and good quality of life .We provide our best possible habilitation and rehabilitation services to the least access children with disabilities. The least access includes especially children with Mental Retardation and Children with Cerebral Palsy, children with severe multiple disabilities, who are poor and living in the Howrah Slums areas to make sure they become equal participant of the society.
Click here to know more.... ....The SHM DAY CARE SPECIAL SCHOOL project, aims at making at least part of this dream a reality. These project aims at initiating developing and empowering the community so that they can in future become capable enough to look after by themselves. Over the years, SHM has been providing professional expertise in terms of assessment, training, information sharing and curriculum development in all these projects, reaching out to more and more individuals with special needs in the Howrah Slums communities of West Bengal. Such an inclusive education system has given the special children a chance to interact with the regular children and help them acquire self confidence and motivation to work in a positive environment .This Special School has provided a good platform for the parents to share their lives / problems. They are satisfied and happy with the quality and progress of the education and self help development of their children.

Number of Beneficiaries:

Special Education Session with Mental Retardation child:

Physiotherapy Session with Cerebral Palsy Child:

Special Education Session with Hearing Impairment children:

Success History:

Master Adnan Quadir is a 9 years old boy with Mental Retardation, Specifically Down’s Syndrome .He live at tikia para, Howrah, with his parents and he belongs to a poor family. Previously he was the student of Nursery in Private School. In month of February 2018 he took admission in our special school beside this he has no exposure of special education. 3month ago he was hyper active (severe)
but now with the help of sports, Dancing, Karate activity his hyper activity has reduce. And he concentrate in activity. Before he unable to do:-i) Copy the writing, ii) Colour properly, iii) writing his name but now he able to do all these activity with minimum support.Unfortunately, in 2010 Adnan was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect, which could have been fatal. Then his family unable to afford surgery. Skipped up. Now after 7 years under our supervision on 12/04/2018 he admitted in Narayana Super specialty Hospital and surgery have done successfully in free of cost. family is very happy to see the changes and hoping for the best he enrolled in “ICDS”centre and in January he will enroll in “Government School”.