Rebecca Belilious Charitable Dispensary

Rebecca Belilious Charitable Dispensary has been started for providing medical care (Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic) to the local poor and needy people. A well-equipped subsidized Pathology Laboratory is providing back-up support. Very able and reputed Doctors, Surgeons, Para-medics and assisting-staff of Kolkata are volunteering to render their dedicated expertise with the spirit of Rebecca Belilious Charitable Dispensary. 

Specialist like Dentists, Eye-Specialists, Gynecologists, Cardiologists (including E.C.G. facilities), Child-Specialists, Psychiatrists, and Orthopedic Doctors etc. are attending the dispensary. All are offering their expertise completely at a low cost.


SHM is running Super-specialty Dental Care Unit with Modern Infrastructure. The idea is to provide easy access to dental awareness and dental treatment through Rebecca Belilious Charitable Dispensary dental clinic. RBCD Dental clinic provide best dental care services to the community. The Dental clinic works towards providing best dental care through oral health education and affordable dental treatments.

We offer comprehensive dental treatment including:

  1. Dental cleanings/Scaling
  2. Fillings, crown and bridge work
  3. Dentures and partial dentures
  4. Extractions
  5. Root canals treatments