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Celebration of 77th Independence Day

The 77th Independence Day has been celebrated in the school today with great pomp and pleasure by students, teachers and the invitees.  The entire campus was decorated with flags, balloons and flowers. All students attended the programme with great zeal and enthusiasm in proper uniforms on this special day. A march-past was conducted beautifully by the cadets. In the center of the campus, the National Flag is hoisted by the School Principal followed by the National Anthem, “Jana Gana-mana”. The Principal in his short speech explained the significance of the day. The day is to recall the great struggle of our freedom and pay homage to the freedom fighters, security forces who have laid down their lives for the honor and security of our country.  It always serves as a beacon light for the development of our great country. A cultural program comprising recitation, songs and dance drama was also organized by the students on the occasion.