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A Sponsorship Project

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Empower a women

Sponsor a sewing machine to a needy woman to help them earn their livelihood

SHM is successfully running its skill development training unit on conventional and industrial tailoring for poor and underprivileged adolescent girls and widowed / abandoned women. This helps them earn basic livelihood and stay away from anti-social activities.

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Help to fulfill her dream

Educate a child by providing school fees and necessary supplies.

Our students come from very poor economic background. The school is recognized by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, Government of West Bengal. 2067 children from slums get quality English education along with school dress, stationeries, bags and shoes against a very nominal fee.

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Give a Eyesight

Help our senior citizen to get their eye sight back

Keeping in mind that it is always better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, SHM regularly runs ophthalmology units under its Health Project at Tikiapara slums where the poor and aged cataract patients are treated free of cost starting from consultation to cataract operation.

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Provide monthly rations

Provide a senior citizen with monthly rations to help them survive.

SHM helps poor and disabled with special emphasis on the abandoned senior citizens, who are highly neglected in the society by providing them with monthly ration and financial support on regular basis. 450 beneficiaries get regular support from SHM though the number is very small in respect to the persisting problem of the area.

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General Fund

Our general fund to meet the donation gap created when donors donate only to a specific project/cause/need or any unexpected expenses.

General fund is created and maintained by our NGO to cover general expenses not specific to a project/cause/need. This helps cover expenses vital to the running of the organisation. Expenses such as administrative expenses, various overheads are paid from the general funds.

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Corpus Fund

It will help reduce financial vulnerability and thereby help us achieve our goals.

Corpus fund is considered to be the capital of the organisation. The fund is generated and kept by us for the sustenance and existence of the organisation. The Corpus Fund is of paramount importance to the organisation as it helps during the times of distress. Only the interest/dividend earned from it is accumulated or utilized for general purposes.